devon's commission guidelines!

ꕥcurrently i am only taking sketchy comms, i do not provide super clean/full illustrations at the moment.

ꕥi am better at drawing fem/androgynous+young people, please keep that in mind.

ꕥturnaround time is 1-3 weeks as i am a student.

ꕥprices are in USD and will be sent via PayPal invoice up front only.

ꕥi do not offer refunds, however small revisions will be free. please communicate with me! i want to make something you love!!

ꕥvisual references are required; these can be your own art, commissioned art, video game screenshots, or picrews! i cannot and will not work off purely non-visual references.

ꕥart will be for personal use ONLY. they can be used (preferably) with or without credit for icons, banners, playlist covers, etc. etc.